Plant Based Diets: Learn and Snack

Fran was inside the HLC helping our participants learn the benefits of a plant based diet and how to prevent the pitfalls that are sometimes associated with it. A healthy delicious plant based snack rounded out this class.

Today’s Dietitian Demo: Antioxidant Smoothie

Fran was outside the HLC with information on Functional Foods and refreshing samples of an antioxidant smoothie, tea, and Larabars. All dietitian programs are free. Check Fran’s bulletin board and schedules for dates and times! 🙂    

Vitamin D Class: The ABC’s of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency has now been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, depression, weight gain, and other maladies.  Fran takes us through these and other important factors concerning the Vitamin D deficiency.  Never has learning tasted so good!!!

New Photos from Fran’s Health Classes!

Check out these photos from Fran Weiss’s most recent classes and demos! The topics were Nutrition and Stress Management, and Restful Sleep.

Nutrition Classes and Demos with Fran Weiss!

Don’t miss out on Fran’s classes and demos! All are free and fun. Participants in her recent “Going Bananas” crEATe class learned interesting tidbits about banana nutrition, storage, and uses in recipes. In addition to enjoying a healthy smoothie and bananas fosters together in Hannaford’s kitchen,  participants received a free banana neoprene case and a

New Bulletin Board for the HLC!

Fran (Hannaford’s dietitian) has posted a new bulletin board outside of the Healthy Living Center! There will be frequent updates that you can check out when entering and exiting the gym. Produce specials will be updated weekly. Be sure to give it a look! Also, Fran is giving out prizes to those who submit a

Fran Weiss – Protein Class & Lentil Avocado Tabouli Snacks

Fran Weiss, Hannaford’s dietitian, was outside of the Healthy Living Center offering lentil avocado tabouli snacks and provided a small class on protein. She also provided a holiday Guiding Stars coupon – see her if you didn’t receive one! Fran has healthy demos and classes weekly, each month! Check the schedule for times. Fran’s email:

Nutrition Pumpkin Surprises: Nutrition Demos with Fran

  Take a look at what Fran’s been doing in her crEATe and learn in the kitchen demos!

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