Hannaford’s Dietitian Visit – Vegetables and Tzatziki

Our Hannaford dietitian, Fran Weiss, visited us today with healthy snacks for our pre- and post-workouts. Members enjoyed both her homemade and Cedar’s Tzatziki on baby peppers and baby cucumbers. Fran added handouts for the green table: “Homemade Tzatziki” and “Tips for Adding Superfoods to Your Diet”.  Don’t forget to try her guessing game and

Trail Mixes to Fuel Fitness

*CLICK FOR PHOTOS BELOW* Our Hannaford Dietitian, Fran Weiss, treated us today to trail mixes to fuel our fitness.  What a warm welcome for this rainy day!  The mix was fun and easy as 1 2 3 for us to create. There are lots of winners in Fran’s scavenger hunts and guesses game challenges. Don’t

Strawberry and Avocado Salsa

Check out this surprise visit from Hannaford’s dietitian! Fran Weiss treated the members of the Healthy Living Center with strawberry avocado salsa with cinnamon pita dippers.  Yum!  She also brought new recipes and nutrition information. Did you guess Fran’s mystery item on the music table? Win a Guiding Star coupon! Pick up one of her

Fit 4 Fido Class & National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

April 30th was National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, and Melissa Costello (who dressed up as a cat) taught a free Fit 4 Fido class at 6pm. The class featured animal-inspired exercises such as the cat cow, bear crawl and alligator crawl. Also, we were accepting donations to give to the Capital District Humane Association!

Fit 4 Fido & National Adopt a Rescue Pet Day

We will be having a Fit 4 Fido class at the HLC on Tuesday, April 30th @ 6:00 pm! This class will have animal-inspired exercises, such as the inchworm, bear crawl and cat cow! The class is free and will be taught by Melissa. Please also consider donating to the Capital District Humane Association. We

Fran’s Class on The Mediterranean Diet

Check out pictures from Fran’s last class! Fun and interactive nutrition and Zumba presentation on the Mediterranean lifestyle. Check for Fran’s future programs.

Commit To Be Fit

Hello everyone Has many of you know the Healthy Living center is participating in Commit To Be Fit. This is a 5 week program where you can earn points by participating in a variety of healthy activities. Each week there is a different amount of points to earn and if you hit that weekly goal

Fran’s “Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes from A1C to Zinc” Class!

Participants enjoyed another interactive program with Fran Weiss, MS RDN CDN, our registered dietitian. The topic for this class was “Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes from A1C to Zinc”. All enjoyed a healthy snack, received a fun prize, a valuable coupon, and take home literature. Don’t miss out on her future programs!

Welcome Week 2018 – Triquis Sin Fronteras (Triquis without Borders)

An absolutely wonderful performance!!! The dynamic duo that stole the show! The crowd was enthralled with the Youth Performance.

Welcome Week 2018 – Bokwa Performace

Omoye explains the movement patterns of Bokwa which are choreographed to mimic the action of writing letters of the alphabet. (A, B C, etc) Mohammed Mahmood helped to translate in both Farsi & Arabic. Cool down segment led by Omoye, Mohammed & son Amiri.

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The Healthy Living Center is located inside Hannaford Supermarket at 900 Central Ave, Albany NY, 12206. Contact the Healthy Living Center at: (518) 729-4732 or

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