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Arthur MorrisArthur is a retired insurance executive and self-described “do-it-yourselfer”. He read about the Healthy Living Center in a CDPHP Medicare newsletter.

8 years ago, Arthur had a heart incident that prompted his doctor to prescribe 40 minutes of cardio every other day. He started doing 30 minutes, 3 to 4 days per week. After joining the Healthy Living Center, Arthur has increased his activity to over 380 minutes each week!

He enjoys the location, leaders, supportive staff, cleanliness, quality and variety of classes at the Healthy Living Center. In his own words, “It’s a place with a friendly staff and fun members, all having a good time with the right attitudes, working hard and pitching in…. I am very impressed with all the active participants at the Healthy Living Center.”

Arthur currently participates in eight classes per week, plus additional sessions on the elliptical when he has the time and energy. He always encourages others to be active and try new fitness regimens. Arthur is the first one to set up equipment before classes and the last one to leave, only after everything is back in its place. Arthur will go out of his way to seek out and support new members, whether by helping to get them set up for their first class, or encouraging the more hesitant ones to just give the class a try.

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